COOL MINDS feed the lust for learning!

Cool Minds is a non-profit science and creativity-focused playspace, primarily for children and youths between the ages of 5 and 15. Our goal is to inspire youths into STEM subjects, and to create a positive learning environment. Here you can learn how to program and solder, try Virtual Reality, or spend a day enjoying various arts and crafts!

Prices and booking

Our drop-in area includes many different experiments and crafts, and you can also try your hand at pottery, or make your own layered, multicolored candles for a small additional fee. On weekdays, you can also try Virtual Reality free of charge as a part of drop-in.


Drop in fee

3-100 years: 50KR

0-3 years: Free


Workshop fee

Our drop-in workshops always cost 150 SEK, regardless of date and/or subject. Keep an eye on our facebook page for upcoming workshops!


Birthday fee

Birthday parties range from 180 SEK, up to 240 SEK per child, including food. 

All birthday parties and courses can be booked right here on the website. However, if you don’t speak swedish you can always send us an e-mail, and we’ll be happy to help you with booking!

Find us

We’re located in Folkets Park, close to the main entrance. You’ll find us between Carib Kreol and the Terrarium.


Cool Minds AB

Norra Parkgatan 2 (between Carib Kreol and the Terrarium)
214 22 Malmö
E-mail: info@coolminds.se
Telephone: 0703 095 766

Opening hours

Weekdays: kl 12-18

Weekends: kl 10-19

Holidays (summer break, autumn break, easter, winter holiday, other holidays): kl 10-19

Birthday parties

We offer a wide range of themed birthday parties, where the children get to try their hands at something special! Parties usually consist of 1,5 hours of activities, and 30 minutes of eating towards the end. We offer different choices of food, and are happy to accomodate any allergies or intolerances. You can also choose to add cupcakes, candy, or ice cream for dessert.



Our themes:

Virtual Reality

Choose from a selection of virtual reality experiences like BeatSaber and Job Simulator, and play away! Note that we don’t recommend parties of more than 10 for this party, as time is divided between each participant.


Make a video game

Turn the party into a valuable learning experience, where you get to learn the basics of computer programming! Using scratch, we program movement, score-keeping and other game features to make a game that is simple, yet fun!


Build an electronic gadget

Learn how electronic gadgets work, while also getting to try your hand at soldering! Choose from a number of different gadgets, ranging from deftness games to digital roulette tables!


CSI (Crime Solving Party)

A crime has transpired, and you’re the only ones who can help! Solve the mystery using real-world crime-solving techniques like fingerprinting and blood analysis.


Make a short film

Action! Write your script, choose an outfit from our prop room, and record your very own short story.


Slime Party

Last, but not least. Try our most popular birthday party, where you get to make 3 different slimes, all made from non-toxic ingredients.


See ‘Prices and booking’ for information on how to book a party.

Note that we require a minimum of 6, and maximum of 25 children per party.


At Cool Minds, we offer evening and holiday courses in programming and electronics. There are also one-day courses in various subjects in the weekends, so keep an eye on our facebook page for upcoming events!



Weekend Courses

On the weekends, we hold shorter, one-day courses where you can get a bite-sized taste of one of our exciting topics! The courses we offer are –



Learn how to use a potter’s wheel, along with other techniques for creating with clay.




Interested in our longer programming courses? In this introduction you’ll learn the basics of how programming and computers work, and how to design your own game!



Learn the chemistry of how slime works, while making many different colorful slimes out of different ingredients and materials



Sew, sculpt and create different props, and use them in your own short film! The perfect course for Harry Potter geeks!

Holiday Courses

We arrange a range of courses on all swedish school holidays. These carry on from 9 AM to 15 PM, for 5 days. The courses we offer are:



Learn about the different stages of film production, from pre-production, through to post-production, while making your own documentary!



Learn how electronic circuitry and components work, while soldering together different gadgets, culminating in your very own robot.



Design and program your own game in one of two difficulties – visual programming, or Java.



Learn how to use a potter’s wheel, along with other techniques for creating with clay.



8 hours of fun and educational experiences and activities during school study days! Try a little bit of everything that Cool Minds has to offer, from Virtual Reality to programming.

Evening Courses

Our evening programming courses come in three escalating levels of difficulty, and span 10 weeks, with two hours of class once a week.

Level 1: Scratch

Level 2: Processing (JAVA)

Level 3: Unity (C#)

While our Scratch course is always a good introduction, older children may choose to start with Java. If you’re unsure, keep an eye out for our weekend programming courses, where you can give programming a try and see!

Booking & Pricing

See ‘Prices and booking’ for information on how to sign up for a course. Please note that all courses are held in Swedish. While our teachers can clarify in english, it is strongly recommended that your child is comfortable speaking swedish.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via mail if you have any queries.

Cool Minds – A science center for the kids and youth of Malmö

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